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I would love to answer any questions you have about elopements, intimate weddings or anything related to couples session.

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It's all about the way you feel.

I want you to feel completely comfortable in front of my camera! It is a very vulnerable place to be for some people, but I want to make you feel like you are with an old friend having a great time and capturing amazing moments along the way.

I put a ton of hours of location scouting and planning to help you. The strong relationship we build along the way of helping you create your dream wedding day is extremely important. I will be there with you to help you be fully in the moment, while I document your extraordinary elopement day.

You are what matters most on your wedding day!

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The photos I take are more of a guided documentary style. I love to capture the candid, authentic and in the in between moments.

On your wedding day, I will help you remember what it is all for and to be present. To look in to the love of your life's eyes and commit the rest of your life to them.

I am not for the cheesy posing and looking at the camera the whole time. I want you and your partner to enjoy this special day and soak it all in.



Questions and answers about elopement photography

Why do I need the full day photographed? Is it not just reading vows?


I would love to show you what is possible when it comes to planning your elopement day. When we have our free elopement consultation, I can help you pick the best package to suit your needs.

What will be do?


Spend the day with your partner, taking it all in and making sure that not a single moment is wasted. I will be there to capture all the goodness!

Does it feel like an all day shoot?


Your images are part of the experience, not the main focus. As a photographer, I focus my energy on planning a wedding day that truly celebrate you two and your love.

Is it awkward with a photographer there?


Hasn't happened yet out of all the amazing elopements I have captured. I will be there to remind you two to take a moment to just be and slow down and remember why you are here.

We are not morning people, do we have to get up super early?


Heck no! The best part about eloping is you get to make your own rules. You can design your wedding day around all the things you want to do and what time you want to do them!

We are not photogenic, how can we look like these photos?


The moments you see are not forced. These are real couples being themselves and having such a great time. I have a ton of prompts incase we need any! But don't worry one bit! We will capture amazing memories you can relive through photographs for years to come.

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