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How to plan your Moab elopement or Moab wedding

Dreaming of tying the knot in Moab, utah?

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If you dream of exchanging your vows surrounded by the vibrant red rock, epic views, breathtaking points of interest, endless outdoor activities and a charming small town vibe, than keep reading and start planning your dream Moab wedding day!

Easy steps to plan your

Moab Elopement or Moab Wedding!

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Book your Moab Elopement Photographer!

Elopement Photographers calendars book up quickly and in advance, so snagging your dream photographer is crucial in getting the best overall wedding day experience and capturing breathtaking images along the way.

Good elopement photographers not only capture your wedding day, they help you plan it from logistics, locations advice, recommending experienced and reliable vendors and so much more!

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moab elopement packages


Pick a location(s)

and a date for your Moab elopement

Moab is a perfect place for outdoor lovers! There is a ton of potential for epic backdrops to exchange your vows and many activities to experience unbelievable excursions!

If you haven't picked a date already, you can check the weather in your location(s) and find out what time of year would best suit your needs.

March, April, May and October are my favorite in Moab weather wise!

A few breathtaking spots include:

Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Corona and Bowtie Arch

Potash Road

Wilson Arch

Colorado River

Hell's Revenge 4x4 Trail

Dead Horse Point State Park

Plus a TON of personal hidden gems

Moab wedding arkansas elopement photographer as a couple and camping ideas for couples

STEP three

Book your travel & accommodations for your Moab Wedding

Moab has a variety of accommodations to choose from. The town of Moab is pretty small so the hotels are mostly populated in the downtown area of Moab. It is easy to navigate and get around by bike, walking and car.

The hotels range in price and experience.

Depending on what type of wedding experience you want and adventure level, you also have the option to camp in a gorgeous spot, rent an airbnb, glamp at a cute little flat, etc.

Booking your travel and accommodations as soon in advance as you can is recommended! You can lock in better pricing the earlier you can book. Knowing your plans in advance also gives you the flexibility to bundle airfare, car rentals, hotel stays, excursions, etc.

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Book vendors for your Moab elopement

Finding experienced vendors for your wedding day is a MUST! Don't forget the details like the flowers, hair and makeup, sweet treats, excursions and activities to celebrate your wedding day, food, music, etc.

You absolutely don't have to hire every single vendor, especially if you are on a budget! Just stick to the vendors that would make your wedding day more special!

A few Moab wedding vendors to keep in mind:

Moab Officiant, Moab Florist, Hair and Makeup artist, Dessert maker, Excursions Company, Planner, Stationary, Private chef, Musician, Props, Stylist, Caterer, etc

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Get your marriage license for your Moab Elopement

- Both parties must appear in person before the Grand County Clerk/Auditor office with valid picture ID's.

- Both parties must know their full name, address, date and place of birth, parents names and birth place, date of wedding, officiants name & social security number to complete the application.

-You can pick your officiant from this list.

- Couple can get married immediately after obtaining their marriage license. There is no waiting period.

- Marriage License cover the entire state of Utah and are valid for 32 days after obtaining.

- The current cost (late 2021) to obtain a Marriage License is $40 in Grand County (Moab, Utah).

- Two witnesses over 18 must also be present at the wedding ceremony.

- Officiant must sign, date, and return the license to the Grand County Clerk/Auditor's Office within 30 days of couples marriage.

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STEP six

Find your Moab wedding officiant

Grand County, Utah (Moab, Utah), requires that the name of the officiant be provided on the Marriage License application. 

Couples are required to choose their officiant from a list of persons authorized to solemnize marriages in Grand County Utah.

You can find the list of pre-approved Grand County Utah Officiants here.

Moab wedding outfit Moab elopement outfit

STEP Seven

Get your wedding day outfits

Whether you choose to do a dress and a tux or a double pantsuit moment, you will need to do a little shopping around.

Luckily, we have the choice of going in person or shopping online!

Shopping online can be risky, but it is much more convenient if the look ends up working out. Always check the size chart and reviews if possible when shopping online.

In store you get a more personalized experience, however fair warning, it can be really exhausting.

Moab wedding permit

STEP eight

Work out logistics & get permits if necessary

Figuring out how you and/or your guest will get around can get tricky.

So planning this out ahead of time is very important. You definitely don't want to spend your wedding day wasting time on things that could have been prevented with a little planning beforehand.

The good news is, there are Moab wedding photographers, like myself, that can help you plan logistics out ahead of time!

A few ways to get around Moab:



Car rentals

Jeep Tours




Personal vehicle

Don't forget your permits!!

Keep in mind that some places in Moab are limited to off road vehicles or 4x4 only. Plan accordingly.

Moab elopement self uniting marriage photographer


Live your Moab elopement day with the love of your life

Now that you have prepared for your elopement and completed the eight steps before, you are ready to have the most amazing wedding day! Soak in every moment with your honey! If you have hired experienced skilled vendors, your day should go pretty smoothly!

Don't worry if all does not go to plan! Wedding days typically rarely do! Just go with the flow and enjoy whatever may come your way!

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When you choose to elope in Moab, you open up a world of stunning location POSSIBILITIES!

moab elopement packages

From magnificent National Parks, to stunning beauty on public property, to incorporating adventurous excursions and quaint places to stay, Moab has a ton to offer engaged couples!

moab elopement packages
moab elopement packages

The downtown area of Moab has a charming vibe to it. The town itself is pretty small, but has a variety of restaurants to choose from, many lodging options, adventurous excursions and really amazing views all around!

Nearby is:

Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

Insanely gorgeous hiking trails

Arches all around

The Colorado River

Hidden gems of less known parks, trails, views, etc

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Moab Utah Elopement Packages





Average low - 65F

Average high - 100F

Average low - 20F

Average high - 44F

elope las vegas red rock canyon



Average low - 64F

Average high - 97F

Average low - 26F

Average high - 52F



Average low - 54F

Average high - 88F

Average low - 35F

Average high - 64F



If you are planning your Moab elopement, check the weather for that time of year to see what the average temperatures are.

There are certain months of the year it would be hard to get married in Moab. In the summer the heat is so intense it would be dangerous to attempt an outdoor ceremony. And let's face it people come to Moab for the spectacular views!

Good months to get married in Moab are late March, April, October and early November.

Average low - 41F

Average high - 74F

Average low - 42F

Average high - 73F



Average low - 30F

Average high - 58F

Average low - 50F

Average high - 83F



Average low - 22F

Average high - 45F

Average low - 58F

Average high - 95F

moab elopement arches national park wedding arkansas elopement photographer

Nearby Moab airports:

- Canyonlands Field Airport (21 minute drive to Moab)

- Sky Ranch Airport (14 minute drive to Moab)

- Salt Lake City International Airport (4 hour drive to Moab)

The closer you fly into Moab, the more expensive the airfare tickets are typically.

Many people opt to fly into Salt Lake City, rent a car and drive into Moab for a much low airfare cost.

The convenience of flying in 14 - 21 minutes away, is hard to beat though!

Places to stay in Moab, Utah

elope las vegas Moab elopement photographer

There are a ton of hotels in

downtown Moab to choose from.

Hotel in town

Choose a rental in or outside

of town.

Airbnb and VRBO

Unique Flat

There are a few unique little flats within Moab.


If you are a camping lover, the options are endless in Moab

Glamping, yurt,


If you are a camping lover, the options are endless in Moab

You can make a decision on a place to stay depending on your specific needs and the logistics of your Moab wedding.

Start planning your Moab Elopement now!

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