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How to elope Las Vegas style!


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Whether you want an epic, breathtaking outdoor view as a backdrop to say your vows or your see big city neon lights shining bright. Las Vegas has you covered!

Easy steps to plan your

Las Vegas Elopement!

Las vegas elopement


Book your Las Vegas Elopement Photographer!

Elopement Photographers calendars book up quickly and in advance, so snagging your dream photographer is crucial in getting the best overall wedding day experience and capturing breathtaking images along the way.

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Pick a location(s)

and a date for your Las Vegas elopement

There is so much potential for locations in Las Vegas! From the downtown area, the strip, the cute little wedding chapels, the Neon Light Museum, etc. Plus there are some EPIC SPOTS just outside of Las Vegas for the outdoor lovers!


If you haven't picked a date already, you can check the weather in your location(s) and find out what time of year would best suit your needs.

March, April and October are my favorite in Las Vegas weather wise!

A few breathtaking spots include:

Valley of Fire State Park

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Lake Mead

Dry Lake beds

Mt. Charleston

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STEP three

Book your travel & accommodations when you elope Las Vegas

Las Vegas is back in full swing, so booking your travel and accommodations as soon in advance as you can is recommended! You can lock in better pricing the earlier you can book. Knowing your plans in advance also gives you the flexibility to bundle airfare, car rentals, hotel stays, excursions, etc.

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Book vendors for your Las Vegas elopement

Finding experienced vendors for your wedding day is a MUST! Don't forget the details like the flowers, hair and makeup, sweet treats, excursions and activities to celebrate your wedding day, food, music, etc.

You absolutely don't have to hire every single vendor, especially if you are on a budget! Just stick to the vendors that would make your wedding day more special!

A few vendors to keep in mind:

Officiant, Florist, Hair and Makeup artist, Dessert maker, Excursions Company, Planner, Stationary, Private chef, Musician, Props, Stylist, Caterer, etc

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Get your marriage license for your Las Vegas Elopement

- Both parties must appear in person before a Clerk at a Clark County Marriage Bureau location.

- Both parties must be 18 or older and have acceptable identification. Names will appear as they do on your id.

- Couple can get married immediately after obtaining their marriage license. There is no waiting period.

- Marriage License cover the entire state of Nevada and are valid for one year from date of issue.

- Both parties must know their social security number.

- The current cost (late 2022) to obtain a Marriage License is $102.00

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STEP six

Find your officiant to elope Las Vegas.

Do your research when you are looking for a Las Vegas Officiant!

Your officiant conducts the ceremony, one of the most important parts of your wedding day! So, it is pretty important that you choose one that meshes with you and your partners personalities.

Pro tip: search Instagram for hashtag #lasvegasofficiant or Google that term to find good candidates.

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STEP Seven

Get your wedding day outfits

Whether you choose to do a dress and a tux or a double pantsuit moment, you will need to do a little shopping around.

You have the choice of going in person or shopping online.

Shopping online can be risky, but it is on much more convenient if the look ends up working out.

In store you get a more personalized experience, however it can be exhausting.

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STEP eight

Work out logistics & get permits if necessary

Figuring out how you and/or your guest will get to and from where you need them to be can get tricky. So planning this out ahead of time is very important. You definitely don't want to spend your wedding day wasting time on things that could have been prevented with a little planning beforehand.

The good news is, there are a ton of companies that handle logistics in Las Vegas.

A few ways to get around Las Vegas:

Limousine options

Party Bus


Pink Jeep Tours

Foreign luxury cars


Car transport company

Personal Car or rental

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Live your Las Vegas elopement day with the love of your life

Now that you have prepared for your elopement and completed the eight steps before you are ready to have the most amazing wedding day and just soak in every moment with your honey! If you have hired experienced skilled vendors, your day should go pretty smoothly!

Don't worry if all does not go to plan! Wedding days typically never go exactly to plan, so just go with the flow and enjoy whatever may come your way!

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An amazing quality about Eloping in Vegas, is you have the option of unique desert landscapes or the bright lights of downtown las vegas to exchange vows!

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Choose for desert landscape or downtown neon lights, or have both

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If you are someone who loves amazing restaurants and shopping, plus getting outdoors and hiking or exploring a gorgeous state park, Las Vegas would be a perfect place to say "I do" for you! From Red Rock Canyon, to Valley of FIre, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, dry lake beds, Vegas has endless outdoor wedding potential. It also has a cool vibe downtown, in the mix of it all, the neon lights shining bright, the little chapels everywhere.



Las Vegas


Average low - 81F

Average high - 105F

Average low - 39F

Average high - 58F

elope las vegas red rock canyon



Average low - 78F

Average high - 102F

Average low - 41F

Average high - 61F



Average low - 71F

Average high - 95F

Average low - 49F

Average high - 71F



Average low - 59F

Average high - 82F

Average low - 55F

Average high - 77F

If you are planning to elope Las Vegas, check the weather for that time of year to see what the average temperatures are.



Average low - 46F

Average high - 66F

Average low - 66F

Average high - 91F



Average low - 39F

Average high - 57F

Average low - 74F

Average high - 100F

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Where to stay for your Las vegas elopement

There are a ton of options when it comes to where to stay in Las Vegas.

You have the option of the strip, off the strip or you can go a more outdoorsy route and glamp it!

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to where to stay in Las Vegas.

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I help couples plan their dream wedding days in Las Vegas, I can help you plan yours and make it unique to you and your partner!

I am not just a Las Vegas Elopement Photographer!

If you need help planning your epic Las Vegas elopement, then contact me to get started and let's make this the most unforgettable day in your life, with the love of your life by your side!