Buffalo River Elopement

buffalo river elopement

A magical Buffalo River elopement in Ponca, Arkansas.

Whitney and Connor met in their local chapter of the Jeep Club and instantly knew they were the ones for each other. When they made the brave decision to elope and hired me, we discussed several locations. Moab was an option since it is a Jeep meca and a badass backdrop to elope. After lots of discussion they decided a Buffalo River elopement was exactly what they wanted to do! The Buffalo National River is an incredibly gorgeous backdrop to say vows and did not disappoint. They stayed in an adorable Cabin with their three dogs and made a multi day stay out of it to enjoy some hiking, campfires and grilling out. Although the dogs weren't involved in the vow reading, they were very excited to see their newly legally married pawrents!

We met up at an epic spot a bit before sunrise.

It was definitely a chilly morning in late November. At 27 degrees, I had to keep the Hot Hands on deck just to keep my fingers working. The sun rose pretty quickly, as it always does and we got right into the vow reading and ceremony portion. I photographed the ceremony and my husband filmed it. I was so honored to be able to officiate their wedding. Which was my first time to do so. It wasn't perfect, but it was such a wonderful memory that I will cherish forever! The Buffalo River bluffs in the background were just a stunning view to commit the rest of their lives to each other.

Whitney and Connor's Buffalo River Wedding Continued

After the vow reading and a kiss to seal the deal, we did some fun portraits with the bluffs in the background and even pulled Whitney's Jeep into the mix right after the wedding. When we finished portraits, we headed over to the banks of the Buffalo River. The water at the Buffalo National River is one of the most amazing shades of turquoise blue I have EVER seen in my life! It makes me so proud of the natural beauty we have in Arkansas. Since it was pretty brisk, we did some quick photos on the banks and headed back to Whitney's Jeep Wrangler to warm up and head to our next spot.

There are incredible views everywhere you look.

We found the perfect overlook with a rock that jutted out with fantastic mountain vistas in the background! It was STUNNING!!! And the sun was hitting just right! We got some amazing images and called it a day so they could warm their bones and get some breakfast with their pups! It was a perfect Buffalo River Wedding and I will never forget it, that's for sure:)

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